Archive storage systems

Designing archive storage systems and storage spaces is a job for a true specialist. Magista, part of Van Keulen Interieurbouw, specialises in manufacturing and assembling space-saving, economic storage systems. Customers for its archive storage systems and depots include government agencies, museums, libraries, offices, town halls, hospitals and businesses.

Each customer has unique requirements for their archive storage system. Alongside storage systems for standard archive boxes, we also provide special systems for museum depots, for storing paintings, photographs or prints, for example. For hospitals and nursing homes, we build manageable storage systems for treatment and care in which hospital staff can quickly and safely store and retrieve medical supplies and devices. For libraries, archives and offices, we provide fixed and mobile systems, which are very space saving and easily accessible.

Customised archive storage systems

Every archive is unique. The best solution is always a different solution and depends on the available space, the environmental conditions and the properties of the material to be stored. Magista offers an archiving solution for any situation.

We provide ready-made systems as well as fully customised solutions. Thanks to our up-to-date manufacturing facilities, we can always produce the best solution for your storage problem. You also have a wide-ranging choice of materials, design, operation and colour.

The advantage of Magista

The design of an archive requires a thorough approach that takes into account all the relevant factors, such as the standards set out in the Public Records Act.

If you need an optimum solution for your archive, a ready-made system will often not suffice. We can always provide you with the most efficient solution by combining ready-made systems and top quality customisation. What do you need to store an archive box, a book or some other object? Magista has the answer.

That’s the advantage of Magista, where customisation is standard.

If you would like to know more about Magista’s archive storage systems, our experts will be happy to discuss your specific requirements. Contact or visit us for further information.