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Van Keulen Expertise

Van Keulen Interieurbouw has been a household name for years. We owe this in particular to our dedicated team and the national reach. Van Keulen has production locations in Nijverdal and Tynaarlo. Assembling facilities can be found in Nijverdal, Tynaarlo, Helmond, Dieren and Heiloo. Every day we are engaged in high-tech engineering in the fields of wood, metal, plastic, wire and assembly.

We distinguish ourselves from the competition by always thinking one step ahead. All work takes place at our own factories. This way we can always be agile, without the intervention of external suppliers. We provide high-quality interior solutions for both the food and non-food retail industries.


We start with the basics. Our design and engineering department can translate your wishes into a good design and a manufacturable product, where quality and appearance are central. We regularly enter into fine collaborations with creative design agencies, but of course we also work directly with our clients. At Van Keulen Interieurbouw, we believe that the best solution can never come from a single point of view. We therefore thoroughly look at all the possibilities that we can realise with various materials. From this, the best combination is then composed, which seamlessly matches your personal wishes.


The interior of a shop consists of various components, such as wood, metal, plastic and wire. Van Keulen Interieurbouw has all the various production facilities required for this. We have 85,000 square metres of production space in the Netherlands at our disposal, where we carry out all the work ourselves. We have all the necessary parts, from the materials to the machines, to realise the perfect product without intervention of intermediate suppliers, delivered directly to you!

Assembly and Service

We have a large and modern fleet of vehicles, which means that we mostly take care of all deliveries ourselves, with our own high-quality transport equipment. We also work closely with professional haulage companies. Flexibility towards our customers is a key factor here. We have a large group of our own mechanics that can install and place all products at the relevant projects, but we have also been working successfully with renowned assembly companies for years.

During assembly, the project leader is always employed by Van Keulen Interieurbouw, to be able to anticipate unexpected changes immediately. We find this very important: short lines of crystal-clear communication. This way, we are guaranteed to keep a grip on your project!

"Short lines of crystal-clear communication."

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