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For many years now, our family business has been contributing to a more sustainable and circular interior construction sector. Besides actively making our own products and processes more sustainable, we aim to contribute to our clients’ sustainability targets.

We produce exclusively in the Netherlands, purchase locally whenever possible and contribute to the circular economy at every stage; from the initial design to the final delivery of our products.


Starting with the design phase of our products, we use the R-ladder model. The R-ladder indicates the degree of circularity. The R-ladder consists of seven steps, each representing different circularity strategies. Strategies positioned higher up on the ladder save more resources. When we receive an order, we begin by determining if the client’s existing materials can be reused. At the request of and in close collaboration with our clients, we can also design and produce fully modular products.

We use recycled wood, steel and plastic for our products. We can draw up a materials passport for our products and share this with our clients. We strive to minimise the use of virgin resources.


Our company’s residual waste stream is separated at the source. In every department, we have placed bins for the separate collection of paper, plastic, wood and metal waste. For metal waste, we have implemented a secondary sorting step to separate coated and uncoated metals. The different metals, e.g. steel, stainless steel and aluminium, are collected separately. The bins are emptied at our in-house waste collection facility from which the materials are sent on to be recycled.

Reuse – The Furniture Hotel

Our goal is to maintain the value of our products and materials as effectively as possible. When clients return products to us, they are sent to our Furniture Hotel. Here, they are evaluated to determine how the materials can be reused. Any residual materials are carefully disassembled, collected at our in-house waste collection facility and recycled.

Circular water system

We use rainwater to clean, cool and flush. Beneath our logistical centre, we have a basin with a volume of one million litres (1,000 m3). This is where we collect the rainwater from our enormous roof (10,000 m2), which means we no longer have to use tap water for our degreasing installations. This water is also used to flush the toilets in our main building.

Reducing C02 emissions

Our goal is to achieve net-zero business operations by 2050. Besides mapping out our own CO2 footprint (scope 1 & 2) and taking action to continuously reduce it, we can also draw up the complete CO2 footprint for all our products and share this with our clients.
In this manner, we work together with the entire chain to realise the international targets of the Paris Agreement.

Sustainable heating

We have had district heating installed in all our buildings. This allows us to use the residual heat from our production processes to heat our tap water. This water is then used to heat our four buildings and the water for the two degreasing baths of our powder coating installations.

Solar energy

We have installed a total of 6,300 solar panels on the roofs of our buildings with which we generate the majority of the electricity we require.


Van Keulen Interieurbouw is constantly investing in more sustainable machinery. Whenever we replace machinery and tools, we look for the most energy-efficient solution.
In recent years, for example, we have replaced our slab and tube lasers with fibre lasers.  Our largest press brakes are state of the art (no more pumps running all the time) and we have replaced a panel bending machine with a new, more energy-efficient model, thereby reducing the energy consumption by 90%. We have acquired new compressors with permanent-magnet motors, heat recovery and automation. As a result of these innovations, their energy consumption is up to 35% lower than that of conventional compressors.

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