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Consumers are increasingly shopping online, from high-tech appliances to everyday groceries. Consequently, ‘offline’ shops are becoming showrooms in which people view and compare products. They then go home to order the selected product on the Internet from the cheapest supplier.

As a retailer, you face a tough challenge. How do you ensure that your shop is an attractive and pleasant place where people enjoy browsing? And more importantly, what product presentation encourages people to actually make a purchase?

Your shop interior and the presentation of your products play a key role in the perception of your customers. Van Keulen Interieurbouw specialises in customised shop interiors for all kinds of retail. From food to fashion, from specialty shop to warehouse.

Focus and flexibility

What is the target group for your shop? This is an important question when (re)modelling your shop. A trendy fashion shop for young people needs a different interior and a different atmosphere than, for example, a DIY shop. We are happy to help you decide what shop interior best meets the needs of your target group. Our long experience can be put to good use here.

Another important aspect of your shop’s interior is flexibility. By opting for reusable interior elements, you can change the shop easily and quickly as the circumstances require.

Shop interiors by Van Keulen Interieurbouw

Van Keulen Interieurbouw has created shop interiors for over half a century in almost every sector. We work closely with the architects, designers and contractors and are happy to advise you about the possible solutions for your shop. We manufacture everything in-house, giving you unlimited choice of design, colour and materials.

What creative ideas do you have for your shop’s interior? We are always open to new perspectives, unorthodox solutions and interesting interior design ideas. Contact us for a meeting, free of obligation. Our consultants will be happy to discuss the options.

Do you also have a challenging project? Then feel free to contact us.

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