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When you outsource a project to Van Keulen, you retain complete control throughout the entire process. We keep you informed, provide insights into our process, ensure you receive drawings and budgets for approval, and consult with you when necessary. So you can rest assured that your interior will be produced according to your wishes and that it will be assembled by the agreed date.

In good hands

At Van Keulen, you work with highly experienced professionals who continuously think with you and advise you on the best solution throughout the entire project. The staff turnover at our family company is low, and our employees’ commitment to providing the best quality is very high. People are our most valued asset and we therefore take good care of them. Besides the drive to realise splendid projects for our clients, this is possibly why many of our colleagues continue to work at our family company until their pension.
Flexibility, contributing ideas, responding quickly and short lines of communication are all part of our DNA.

Design and engineering

Our design and engineering department translates your wishes into a good design and a feasible functional product where quality and appearance are the top priorities, of course. We regularly work with creative design agencies, but often directly with our clients as well. At Van Keulen Interieurbouw, we are convinced that the best solution can only be achieved by approaching it from more than one perspective. Therefore, we thoroughly examine all of the possibilities we are able to realise with a range of materials. This results in the best solution being put together, which seamlessly meets your personal wishes. And together with you, we will also explore the options for reusing your current materials. This often leads to cost savings as well as a reduced environmental impact. The final design is further detailed in our 3D drawing program IronCAD.

Advanced calculation

As soon as you have approved the design, our calculation department sets to work. With an advanced calculation method directly linked to the software of our machine park, we calculate the most favourable price for you. The software ensures that calculations are automatically performed with the most optimal ‘nesting’. This means that the amount of cutting waste produced is minimised to make maximum use of the materials. Besides the direct financial benefit for you as a client, this also saves on materials, of course, which makes the process more sustainable.

Efficient production

Once you have approved the quotation, we start to work on your job. An interior design often consists of different components, such as wood, metal and plastic. At Van Keulen Interieurbouw, we have 85,000 square metres of production space and the entire production process takes place under a single roof. That applies to wood, metal and plastic products, including spray work and all other treatments. This prevents delays in the production process and gives you a price advantage as there are no unnecessary transport movements and no margins need to be paid to third parties.

Transport and assembly

Thanks to our large fleet of vehicles we can take care of nearly all deliveries ourselves. That means we can guarantee that the deliveries for your project will be on time. In addition to our own high-quality fleet of vehicles, we work closely with preferred professional haulage companies to ensure an even greater flexibility and reliability for our clients.

Our own group of fitters, consisting of 80 professionals, places and installs all interior elements for the projects. For many years, we have also successfully collaborated with renowned assembly companies who share the client-oriented and flexible way of working of Van Keulen Interieurbouw. Thanks to these collaborations, we have a pool of 200 fitters, which means we can realise large projects in a short time.

During the assembly, the project leader is always an employee of Van Keulen Interieurbouw so that unexpected challenges can immediately be responded to. If something goes wrong, then we do not look for the guilty party but for the solution instead, so that your project is still completed on time.

We greatly value short and very clear lines of communication. That allows us to maintain a firm grip on your project. Once everything is completed, we go through the project together with you to check whether we have realised everything according to your wishes. Therefore each project will be finished to your complete satisfaction.

Do you also have a challenging project? Then feel free to contact us.

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