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Place Hengelo
Customer Munsterhuis Sportcars

As a dealer specialising in higher-end marques, Hengelo-based Munsterhuis Sportcars has a name to uphold. Ferrari and Maserati aficionados can find what they’re looking for on the second floor of Munsterhuis’s building, and on the ground floor one can admire a selection of Land Rovers and Jaguars.

While the firm has represented Jaguar for a great many years, Land Rover was only recently added to the roster. When the Dutch importers of the two marques decided to join forces, they selected a small number of dealers to implement their new joint house style. Munsterhuis was among them.

“Our showroom doubles as your showroom.“

Paul Evertzen of Munsterhuis Sportcars

Structural adaptations

“The importer’s concept was worked out in detail by an interior architect, after which we could set to work,” says Munsterhuis’s General Manager Paul Evertzen. “This is due to the fact that the new house style needed to be incorporated within our existing building. This turned out to be right up the alley of Van Keulen, our regular interior builder. They were willing and able to deliver an absolute custom job, as well as bear full project responsibility. They did a wonderful job thinking along with both the manufacturer’s wishes and our own. Even though the project required quite a few structural adaptations. We preferred to contract a single party for the entire project, so that we wouldn’t get caught up in planning and communicating with the various suppliers ourselves.”

From the first exploratory consultation to its final acceptance in the summer of 2016, the entire project took well over a year. But it did lead to a result that everyone can be proud of. “We knew that Van Keulen would have no problem developing and realising a premium customer service desk in the new house style. After all, the year before they had done a perfect job on our new showroom for Ferrari and Maserati. However, the ceiling directly above the customer service desk, for example, was a different story. It couldn’t simply be fitted in the building – they were required to develop a tailored structural solution. And moving an entire front façade forward by 2.5 metres is hardly standard fare for an interior builder either. Nevertheless, they pulled it off – with the help of third parties, of course, but they were responsible for management and execution.”


In Twente, people generally don’t toot their own horn that much. But Paul Evertzen – and indeed the entire Munsterhuis Sportcars team – is undeniably proud of the new showroom. “We serve as a point of reference for the other Jaguar and Land Rover dealerships. They visit us to get new ideas. Like I always say to Van Keulen: “Our showroom doubles as your showroom.” And that’s really how it goes. The folks at Nijverdal have already received the first requests for a quotation from other dealers.

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