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Vinfast showrooms: from top design to manufacturable product within a complex international partnership

Vinfast is a Vietnamese company specialising in the manufacture and sale of electric cars. World-renowned Italian car design firm Pinifarina was engaged to create a showroom concept for the Asian company’s European branches. And then it was up to Van Keulen Interieurbouw to turn this design of 3D visuals into a manufacturable product and realise it in no time at absolute prime locations in Berlin, Frankfurt and Oberhausen, as well as in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague.

Melting pot of working cultures

“When we started the job, we didn’t quite realise what the exact impact would be”, says project leader Nico de Jong. “For starters, we were dealing with a large group of stakeholders from numerous countries, all with different views on making agreements and how to keep them: Italians, Vietnamese, Germans, Dutch, Czechs. In that linguistic and cultural melting pot, we had to deliver six showrooms simultaneously under enormous time pressure. Deadline: Christmas 2022, as the showrooms were scheduled to open in January ’23.”

Modular production as a solution to logistics puzzle

“The design was available back in July, but changes were made as late as November. A planned carpentry period of two weeks per showroom made it quite a tight schedule. Especially when considering that the location in Amsterdam, for example, is right behind the Royal Palace Amsterdam. That in itself makes the supply and removal of materials a complicated logistical puzzle.” Modular production of the various parts at the different Van Keulen locations proved to be the key to a successful operation.

"The speed of the assembly is actually unbelievable and illustrates the organisational power and improvisational ability of Van Keulen Interieurbouw"

Project manager

Absolute top quality

The exclusive locations and beautiful designs make this project a real showpiece and the Rotterdam showroom in particular has become a feast for the eyes. That beautiful result does not show the pressure on production and assembly. That, in the end, the assembly in Amsterdam was completed within four days is actually unbelievable and illustrates the organisational power and improvisational ability of Van Keulen Interieurbouw. While no compromises were made with respect to quality and appearance, even under the most extreme conditions.

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