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If you don’t drive a car, you probably won’t have come across a Deli2Go. However, for anyone who does drive on the motorway, the Deli2Go food corners in Shell petrol stations are a familiar sight. Deli2Go is Shell’s international formula for hot and cold drinks, fresh fruit juices and crisp, freshly prepared rolls.

In the Netherlands, the Deli2Go formula in Shell stations is supported by ‘formula house’ Bakerstreet. Bakerstreet manages the design and interior of new sites, coordinates the purchase and supports franchisees in their operations. Van Keulen Interieurbouw is the regular interior designer for the Deli2Go food corners.

Specialised builders

Bas Rietvelt, operations manager at Bakerstreet, explains that several parties are always involved in the design of a new Shell station. “Safety is vitally important. Strict requirements apply to the design of petrol stations. We must always work with specialised builders and engineers. And Shell obviously has the last word. It’s like this: Shell provides the framework, we fill it in – in terms of both the design and interior arrangement – and finally the technological design is implemented.”

Always customised

Working with so many parties demands flexibility and the ability to adapt fast. Bas Rietvelt: “Shell sets the bar high. Often there are last-minute changes and you need to be able to accommodate them. The new petrol station must be operational at the agreed time. Van Keulen Interieurbouw is brilliant in this respect. It’s a big organisation, but you’d never know when you see how flexible they are. They often come up with good ideas for the formula too. Every new Deli2Go is different. The basic elements of the formula are always the same, but customised work is always required. Van Keulen Interieurbouw is good at that and everything is always ready in time. That’s impressive, when you consider that there are usually no more than four or five days available.”

Van Keulen provides support

Bas Rietvelt is more than happy with the service provided by Van Keulen. “You’ll only hear praise from me. Van Keulen Interieurbouw provides support. We’ve just opened the smallest Deli2Go in the Netherlands, near Blijdorp. In the coming weeks, we’ll be busy again, working on four new branches in a short period. I’ve every faith in us meeting the deadlines.”

“You’ll only hear praise from me. Van Keulen Interieurbouw provides support.“

Bas Rietvelt, operations manager at Bakerstreet

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