Zwijnenburg Mode

Industry Retail
Place Meerkerk
Customer Zwijnenburg Mode

Zwijnenburg Fashion is a company with more than half a century of experience in fashion for women, men and young people. A new building with a floor area of 3,000 m2 in the centre of Meerkerk has made the company a true ‘house of fashion’. Manager/owner Eddy Zwijnenburg looks back with satisfaction.

“Our interior architect made the first global design and selected a number of parties who were requested to submit a quotation. The click with Van Keulen was immediate. Those people understood us with only a few words being needed. We have many shops in shops but the entirety still had to exude the cosy and familiar Zwijnenburg atmosphere. We achieved this perfectly thanks to the use of down to earth materials such as wood and iron. The central area, the dressing rooms, the counters, they just breathe Zwijnenburg. Our customers and our staff feel at home.”

“I experienced the construction period, which lasted one and a half years, as being very pleasant. I’m an entrepreneur who likes to be in charge and so I was often present during construction. This meant that I could make good arrangements with both Joop van Keulen and the people on the work floor. We were able to switch gear quickly without fuss. We were always able to pool our thoughts and come up with the desired solution. Everything went really smoothly. We are ready for the coming period and it is no exaggeration to say that Van Keulen made an important contribution to this.”

“We were always able to pool our thoughts and come up with the desired solution."

Eddy Zwijnenburg

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