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X2O Bathrooms delivers complete bathrooms, individual items of bathroom furniture and toilets to private customers, building companies and installers. “We do not sell technical parts and tiles but do sell everything else you can find in the bathroom, which has to look good and work comfortably.” Since it was founded in 2005, X2O has grown to a total of 50 branches in mainly Belgium and the Netherlands, although more recently, the company has become active in Germany too.

X2O grows and develops further with Van Keulen Interieurbouw

When a new presentation concept was launched in 2012 to support the company’s marketing efforts, a supervisory firm and shopfitter were selected who had the flexibility to realise that concept in practice. At that time, more colour was needed in the background and a more open presentation with new shelves. Van Keulen Interieurbouw won the selection process and they have worked with us ever since. Not only during the gradual growth until 2020, but also during the rapid developments since, Van Keulen has proved its value for and with X²O time and time again in a wide range of showrooms.


Facility manager Bart Heytens is really pleased about the long-term collaboration. “At new branches and during relocations and expansions, sometimes up to 2500 m2, Van Keulen has always been a fast and flexible partner who contributes ideas and clearly indicates what is and is not possible. And in most cases, they can deliver what we want. Sometimes, we need to make radical changes to the concept just a week before the completion date, and Ronald van Keulen still manages to realise these changes with his people, even though their production department is largely automated.”


“Van Keulen has always shown itself to be a fast, flexible partner"

Bart Heytens, Facilitymanager X2O Bathrooms


Reliability is another key factor that X2O  values in its relationship with Van Keulen. Heytens: “Van Keulen never says yes or no straight away. First, they discuss whether something is actually possible, and then, sometimes on the same day, we hear the outcome. And whatever they say, they do. Van Keulen always delivers on their promises, no matter which part of the company we are dealing with. Based on our initial ideas and sketches, Van Keulen sets to work producing drawings, plans and budgets. During this process, we often have a lot of productive discussions with those ‘direct and straightforward Dutch people’ to realise a workable concept.”

The best result

Just like Van Keulen, X2O values a long-term relationship. Simply choosing the cheapest option often proves to be more expensive in the long term, is X2O’s view. “Our latest presentation concept 3.0, which was completed at the end of September 2023 in Flanders, once again demonstrated that we always find a way. It might be a cliché but in our team, we never think in terms of problems but always in terms of solutions. And at Van Keulen, that means they also take the initiative to consult with other building partners to realise the best result. They do that, of course, with our consent, but they do not wait around. Instead, they proactively seek to achieve the best result even if that involves a couple of extra trips to Flanders. And in such cases, we do not have to worry about the planning or the costs involved, which is reassuring to know.”

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