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‘You can buy clothes anywhere. It’s the people who make the difference.’ That’s the philosophy in a nutshell of fashion boutique Jansen-Noy in Sevenum, near Venlo.

We talk to Berend Brouwer, who together with wife Fieke Jansen is the fourth generation running this successful family firm.  Jansen-Noy, a so-called hypermarket, was founded in 1933 and is famous in this region. The shop recently reopened after a lengthy refurbishment lasting a year and a half.

"It just felt right. When the business side is also properly managed, it’s not a difficult decision."

Berend Brouwer, Jansen-Noy

‘People have to enjoy coming to shop with you. We’re not in a big city where you open your doors and the customers stream in.  Most of our customers have to drive half an hour to reach us.  So you have to ensure that they want to stay a while.’ During the refurbishment, the shop was extensively enlarged and modernised. In the middle of the store is De Kas, an area for exhibitions, fashion shows and presentations.  Children can play in the Kids Place, with its play corner, tree house and Playstation Zone.  In the grand café Juffrouw Jansen, customers can relax with a drink and a snack.  In the new-style shop, Jansen-Noy even offers personal shoppers and a clothes alteration service.

Van Keulen Interieurbouw managed the new interior design for Jansen-Noy.

That was an easy choice, says Brouwer. ‘We talked to various colleagues and Van Keulen Interieurbouw had very good references. They are a family firm, like us.  When we talk to them, there’s often someone from the family at the table too.  It just felt right. When the business side is also properly managed, it’s not a difficult decision.’

And were you right?

‘Absolutely! They kept up a good pace, so we could meet our schedule.  They manufacture many interior elements themselves, which is very nice.  We sometimes had discussions about details, but ultimately we could talk about any issue and we always found a solution.  They are also really dedicated to designing shop interiors.  I’d certainly recommend Van Keulen Interieurbouw to colleagues.’

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