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Customer Bastiaansen Modestad

The opening of Bastiaansen Modestad in May 2023 by Hélène Hendriks was the finale of a close and pleasant collaboration with Van Keulen Interieurbouw. The shop has undergone drastic renovations and refurbishments and has been turned into a three storey women’s fashion store (‘her city’). The addition of a men’s shop across the street (‘his city’) has turned Bastiaansen Modestad into a durable enterprise with a surface of 4000 m2 offering fashionable shoppers from near and far all the space they need for a few hours of shopping which can easily turn into a day trip.

Bastiaansen Modestad is future-proof after makeover

Boris Bastiaansen, the second generation owner of the sixty year old high quality fashion enterprise, had not worked with Van Keulen Interieurbouw before. Nonetheless he is very pleased about the first-time collaboration. “During this special and drastic renovation period we worked closely at all times with the expert team of Van Keulen. This ranged from the design of various interior pieces and the recurring selection of colours and materials to attending to minute details during assembly.”

Pro-active contribution to our business philosophy

“From the very beginning the proactive attitude of Van Keulen appealed to us. Their approach was solution-oriented with focus on possibilities instead of limitations at every stage. Thanks to the craftsmanship of Van Keulen we managed to reflect our business vision in the shop interior. We help our customers to find clothes that truly suit them, because we believe that wearing an outfit that reflects your personal style will bring out the best in you. In the same way that the appearance and work approach of our expert staff represent our business ethos, this is similarly reflected by our shop interior.”

“We are very grateful for the outstanding craftsmanship the team of Van Keulen has brought to the project and are very proud of the end result.”

Boris Bastiaansen

Creative and challenging project

The different store floors and departments all have a distinctive look, offering both the customer and employees the opportunity to assemble an individually unique wardrobe for various occasions. Furthermore the contribution that was required for the creation of the different looks and ambiances made this assignment an interesting and challenging project for Van Keulen Interieurbouw as well. During the project an endless variety of materials and retail displays were used. Additionally creativity, organisation skills, improvisational ability and traditional craftsmanship were professionally blended during a smooth running operation and making for a stunning final result.

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