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Customer Versmarkt Van Heinde

Tastes of more! That’s the slogan of the new Versmarkt Van Heinde in Den Bosch. A slogan which is totally reflected in the assortment: meat, fish, fresh fruit and vegetables … Versmarkt Van Heinde offers everything you need to make a delicious, healthy meal. But that’s not all. Initiator Casper Schoenmakers wants his guests to enjoy preparing and eating the meal too.

Focus on eating

‘Our focus is on eating. Where does your food come from and what can you do with it? The only thing we offer is food: fresh, seasonal produce and all your other requirements related to food and drink. We show you how to prepare the products. But you can also eat them immediately in our restaurant, where the chef prepares meals using products from the shop. Or you can buy a prepared meal and eat it at home. We give you lots of tips and recipes. Our guests can even do a cooking workshop in the shop.’

Craftsmanship and flexibility

Van Keulen Interieurbouw was selected to design the new fresh market in the former Stedelijk Museum in Den Bosch. Casper Schoenmakers: ‘Their references gave us the confidence that we needed. We wanted craftsmanship and flexibility and that’s exactly what Van Keulen Interieurbouw is good at. We already had a general design in mind. Van Keulen filled in the technical details and implemented the design. We gave them plenty of freedom in this – as long as they reflected the atmosphere and the concept. I think that they’ve been very successful.

“We wanted craftsmanship and flexibility and that’s exactly what Van Keulen Interieurbouw is good at."

Casper Schoenmakers, Initiator Versmarkt Van Heinde

The opening was just before Christmas, which is obviously a very busy period, also for Van Keulen. Fortunately, everything went to plan and we managed to keep our focus on the goal. I am delighted with the final result. The concept seems to appeal, judging from the enthusiastic reactions from people in Den Bosch.’

Future plans

Schoenmakers has big plans, but has his feet firmly on the ground. ‘Will we be opening a new shop? Maybe, but not yet. Versmarkt Van Heinde must first prove that the underlying idea works. And I am totally convinced it will.’

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